Harry Styles’ sophomore album, “Fine Line,” has been long-awaited by fans and critics, and it surely did not disappoint. Blending many genres such as pop, rock, and even folk, the album sheds Styles’ typical aesthetic and allows room for many self-discovery anthems. The album is unlike any other pop album, having a track that each listener can enjoy. 

Three tracks from the album were pre-released, “Lights Up,” “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You” respectively. Meant to be radio singles, all three of the songs take a more pop tone, making up most of the pop songs on the album. Although the tracks are more reminiscent of Styles’ one direction days, they’re still well-written accounts of Styles’ personal experiences that many fans can relate to. 

One track stood out to critics as lacking Styles’ signature originality, “Treat People With Kindness.” The song does lack originality and has more of a pop feel, however, it serves as an epic tune of acceptance for Styles and his fans. Although the song is certainly not the best on the album, it provides a celebratory story of all that Styles and his fans have been through since the beginning of his career. 

The most popular song so far is “She” a song about an emotional breakup. The song carries the same rock vibes as Styles’ song “Woman” from his first album. It captures the alternative rock genre perfectly and twists it to be under Styles’ unique persona. The song has been praised as a unique look at sexuality and relationships that creates a new, more indie take on the rock genre. 

“Canyon Moon,” “To Be So Lonely,” and “Cherry” are among the most folk-inspired songs on the album. They make use of many instruments in each song and make use of only a few lyrics. However, Styles’ unique use of instruments and distinct singing voice, create an atmospheric tone that feels like music from the country mixed with modern themes. 

Lastly, the most emotional songs on the album, “Falling” and “Fine Line” create a bittersweet conclusion to Styles’ heartbreak. Both songs are sure to make audiences cry on Styles’ upcoming tour. They are both emotional, and rely heavily on instrumentals, with “Fine Line” repeating the same line for most of the song. With knowing Styles’ emotional turmoil while writing, the songs have their biggest impacts on long term fans. 

With Styles’ upcoming 2020 tour, longtime fans are certainly in for a treat. The album’s wide range of genres, styles, and messages prove Styles’ versatility as an artist and prove that he’s here to stay for the years to come. 


Grace Beilman // Opinion Editor

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