With all the events Steinbrenner’s senate has hosted and planned out in the past few months, they have come up with yet another idea on how to embrace culture and diversity. The students of Senate came up with the idea of the Unity Project.   

The first part they started off with was spreading the word to students at Steinbrenner. During the week of Nov. 18 through Nov. 20, the senate students would be selling what they have created, the unity shirt. This shirt is a mix of dark and light orange and has the word unity in the middle and different words printed inside of it. This included: no bullying, inclusion, unrelenting kindness, take initiative, you have a voice.   

The purpose of these shirts is to show that the school and students are all in this together and, to help prevent things such as bullying, exclusion, silencing those around them. Showing that the school is unified will make bullies realize that there are people around them that will not tolerate this behavior.  

These shirts only cost 5 dollars for students to buy and were handed out in the gym lobby.  

On a certain day of the month there would be an announcement made the day before signifying to be the unity shirt. The next day on the morning show there will be some type of psa that will talk about ways to prevent bullying and things to aid student others may know are getting bullied. It important to spread the message about bullying how we need to stop it, that’s why the unity shirt is a key to starting a journey of bully free schools.  

Charlese Thybulle // Staff Writer 

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