After Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star kept fans on the edge of their seats when releasing a series together starting off on Aug. 1st, 2018, they struck the YouTube community once again with another series named “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.” 

The trailer was first released months after being left with teasers making fans become excited for what was to come. A few days after the trailer was released, on Oct. 1st the first episode introduced the journey to the palette being created along with beauty guru and community drama involved.   

Throughout the first and second recorded parts, each of the videos showcased some more depth of the YouTuber’s lives and the beauty world. The first episode was named after the “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.” The time period of the 1st episode starts on Feb. 26th of 2019 in which the two men start the journey to create and later present a palette throughout Morphe stores. Star and Dawson provide detailed and behind the scenes looks at the first time of going to makeup stores. Also shown is Star bringing Dawson to new Morphe store opening events teaching him communication techniques for the beauty world.  

The second episode was named “The Secrets of the Beauty World” and premiered on Oct. 14th. Inside this episode, the first film where they get ideas and layouts for the palette beings. Star talks about the pricing of making a palette and how it might not cost as much as a consumer may think to make it. For example, some of the packages people have priced for 35 dollars are really worth 6 dollars to make, meaning they are making a profit.

The next episode was posted on Oct. 11th with the name “The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star.” It begins with an immediate bang, by showing when Dawson was being “canceled” over the controversy of his old joke involving his cat. In the video it shows him looking at the things being said, and videos being put out about it. At the same time, Star also had his fair share shown when a group of people got piles of the new concealer that was bound to be released. Some shade names for the makeup were picked, allowing the audience to understand more of the process.  

In the final episodes of the series, more pressure and excitement are shown upon both star’s faces. The two final parts were showcased on Oct. 18th and Oct. 28th. The palette was being created and they had to make the final decision of what the shades were and how they would be arranged. Along with that, they announced the name of the whole makeup collection that includes the mini palette, main palette, lips glosses that would all be released on November 1st. This included only a few stores such as Ulta, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and Morphe Cosmetics. The series then came to an end.

After the palette was released, fans and the beauty community were all over it. Many YouTubers excitedly opened the palette and started recording to give their input. The input and feedback were very positive, and after about week stores were sold out. Dawson and Star decided that they would do a lot more producing allowing them to have a restock on Dec. 13th.  

The series helped provide more details than ever seen on a makeup palette’s creation. “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” helps audiences see more and have a deep understanding of what the beauty community is like along with the journey of creating and selling makeup. Although there were some points that weren’t shown that fans wish to see, the series generally provided an overview of an in-depth world of beauty never seen before.  


Charlese Thybulle // Staff writer 

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