Recently, one of the most popular online games in the world, Fortnite, was beginning to take a back seat to the sudden uprise in “Minecraft”‘s popularity. The “Fortnite” game developers were shocked to see that their foe, “Minecraft,” had sold over 176 million copies this year alone, making it the second highest-selling game ever, right behind “Tetris.”

Seeing this matter as urgent, the developers decided to huddle together, surrounded by the blue light of their computer screens and discover an ultimate solution to gain them loads of publicity and finally reach that trending tab.  

So how were the game developers at Epic Games going to compete against Mojang’s “Minecraft” resurgence? A black hole, of course.  

On Sunday, Oct. 13, “Fortnite” announced to players the anticipated “epic” season finale for Season X, and the game developers at Epic Games definitely delivered in “pulling in” their audience.  

On the same day, the millions of players that were currently online viewed a live meteor shower that destroyed the “Fortnite” map, vacuuming the remaining players through an expanding black hole, like how the game pulls hundreds of dollars’ worth of “Fortnite” skins out of their fans’ pockets.

When gamers logged into the website, all that popped up was the image of the foreboding black hole.

The developers have also unplugged from their social media, one of which, their Twitter, only live-streaming the black hole, just in case the thousands of nine-year-olds, Twitch streamers, and “Fortnite” celebrity, Ninja, weren’t doing so already. 

The fans went into a frenzy, panicking about when their beloved game would return, if at all. Reluctantly, the players pulled out their phones and assumed they’d have to settle for “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” in the meantime. 

However, 29 hours proved to be harder for the developers to maintain then originally perceived. Not being able to contain their suspense any longer, they released their ultimate wild card, “Fortnite: Chapter 2”, less than a week later, and already Ninja has a new stream of his successes in the new map. 

With the new trailer racking more than 700,000 views in less than two hours on Twitter, Epic Games are celebrating that they finally beat “Minecraft”’s bumblebee spawn update.

Alexandra Gerges // Staff Writer

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