On Thursday, Oct. 21, Creative Writing teacher, John Eric Vona, and Digital Arts teacher, Kyle Wolf announced a new collaboration project that would combine the two artforms of writing and digital artwork.  

The project required the writing students to submit a poem or short writing piece for the digital art students and submit it to the newly created Edsby group. In return, the digital artists would then communicate with their designated partner and create a design based off their written work. 

Once writing students systematically posted their poems to their assigned partner, the digital art students read their poems and then shared with them their vision for the piece, sharing a rough sketch of the potential product, and asking clarification questions. Wolf saw this as a good opportunity to sharpen his student’s communication skills, mirroring experiences that designers would have to practice with a client.  

Once the design idea was finalized, the digital art students utilized Photoshop, and practiced their new skills with brushes, colors, transformations and layers in the software. Students had complete creative liberty to make the piece as concrete or as abstract as they preferred from the original piece. 

The project took a week of dedicated work and formatting until the artworks were completed. 

As the project wrapped to a close on Friday, Nov. 9, writing students were thrilled to see their written work take on a visual appearance. The collaboration strengthened the confidence of both the writers and the designers, getting praise from their artwork as well as praise for their poems. 

Alexandra Gerges // Staff Writer 

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