Steinbrenner is one of the most known schools in the county. They have done tons of fundraising to help out their school and the community. Senate and Beta help to show just how generous the students at Steinbrenner are. When they found out that Jake Mulvihill, a freshman, is suffering from brain cancer, the clubs and Keys to Kindness knew that they had to do something 

One of the first events that were going on was the Keys to Kindness fundraiser. This was first held at Brother’s Pizza. When people showed up, they would buy food, helping to add on to help the Mulvihills. For the event, 20 percent of the proceeds will be going to his family. This wasn’t the only event hosted by the Keys to Kindness and Steinbrenner High School. There were three events in total during the month of October: Monday, Oct. 22, Wednesday, Oct. 23, and Sunday, Oct. 27. With the money that the school has been making from this, they will at least partially help the Mulvihills.  

In addition to having the fundraiser, they did a blue-out for him. The way this works is the students, teachers, and other staff members will show up to school in all blue. It’s the same thing as when schools do a blackout just for a different reason. On Friday, Oct. 25, kids wore blue shirts, jeans, shoes, etc. During the day students posted about it spreading the hashtag #Jakestrong. Each club also had a part in which they made a video saying that their club is “Jake strong”, the purpose being to motivate people.  

The final and last thing that the senate and other clubs did was the bracelets/ video contest. The bracelets were about one dollar each in total. These proceedings were given to the Mulvihill family. Each bracelet was blue and printed the words #Jakestrong in green. For the video contest, they had a few sets of rules. These were to create an encouraging video for Jake Mulvihill, post the video to Instagram or Tik Tok, and tag them. The winner was then later chosen on Oct. 25, which was also the day of the blue-out. With all that’s going around, it’s helpful to participate in such things to encourage and better the community. So, always be on the lookout to stay helpful and encourage others to be #Jakestrong.  

Charlese Thybulle // Staff Writer

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