Colbie Coleman is a name students might hear quite often. Coleman has been attending the Steinbrenner for four years and will now graduate with the class of 2020. She takes a big part in the school as she is in clubs and extracurricular activities. 

“I’m in five or four clubs…Young Life club, DECA, Beta, NHS,” said Coleman.

Each of these clubs do special things for the school. DECA just finished a crayon drive which was helping out the community and hurricane victims in the Bahamas. NHS hosted a book drive, and Beta is hosting a mental health walk on Dec. 7. Coleman tries to be a part of everything and still manages such a busy life with being a part of all these clubs.

Many people know Coleman as she has been around at the school and is always helping. Still, as a senior she looks for ways to help being involved in clubs and sports. Already mentioned, she is involved in four clubs but even helps to encourage the football team. 

“I was JV cheer captain and now I’m varsity cheer captain,” said Coleman.

Coleman is well known for being a kind and hard-working student. She has always been a leader starting cheer at the age of eight.

“I started all-star cheer when I was eight and stopped freshman year,” said Coleman.

That same year she had also become a cheer captain. Even her coaches and teammates can tell rave about her. The young lady is always smiling and has a positive attitude. 

“I know she’s very involved in the school. She’s one of the most hard-working students I know,” said Angela Haskell, the cheer coach at Steinbrenner.

Her other teammates such as fellow cheerleader Alli Haskell can also say how much they believe in her and how they see her as a captain. 

“I would describe her as hard-working. She’s a good captain because she leads by example,” said Alli Haskell. 

With all that’s happening on the cheer team, Coleman will help them prepare for some big exciting events. The cheer team has competitions coming up in early November and last year with the aid of their captain being there they placed 3rd out of all the teams at the state competition.

“Our goal is 1st place or maybe even nationals, said Coleman.

The girls all work extremely hard to make their stunts and routines perfection. Coleman helps out when they practice and makes sure that the flyers are safe.

As being the Captain for her team this means that she is responsible for the things they say like chants at the games. She even has a way she can keep the crowd up and encourage the football team.

With being a senior comes the one thing that not all, but some students look forward to – college applications. Coleman is mainly looking at the historic University of Florida. While having in mind that she might want to attend other schools, she applied to a few more. 

“I applied to UF, Ole Miss, Arizona State, University of Georgia, and others, but UF is my top choice,” said Coleman. She has submitted her applications and is excited for her school’s football team as they have an almost undefeated season this year. Colbie Coleman is truly ahead of the game and is impressing people with her outstanding hard work as a senior.

Charlese Thybulle // Staff Writer

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