On Thursday Oct. 10, Kyle Wolf and Don Sizemore, two of the Arts department teachers, combined their efforts to take 50 of their students on a field trip to Downtown Tampa to visit the Tampa Museum of Arts. The focus was to see the works of the famous expressionist artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, an American artist who incorporated African culture into his informal graffiti painting style. 

During first period, students went to the cafeteria to meet up before heading over to the buses around nine o’clock. 

Students were transported Downtown on a bus, and when the students arrived, the sight of University of Tampa greeted them from across the Riverwalk. Excited students practiced their photography skills outside, and then students were led to the museum. 

The teachers split the students up into two manageable groups, with a teacher and additional chaperone present in each. The groups then, accompanied by guides, traveled through the museum, analyzing the various works of the famous artists showcased throughout their halls.  

The students enjoyed the whimsical portraits of the dog breed, the Weimaraner, by William Wegman, the wacky personas displayed in Cindy Sherman’s costume portraits, and the expanding gallery of Purvis Young’s sketchy free form paintings on a variety of unique canvases, perspective-changing prisms and numerous Greek red clay kraters, to name a few. 

Students also received a free ticket to the museum for themselves and one other adult guest to use within the next three months to encourage them to return to see the artwork once more. 

After the morning’s interactive museum trip, the two groups went to either Taco Bus or Eddie and Sam’s Pizza, getting an opportunity to wander the downtown streets and admire the view. Both groups remained supervised, one group going to walk along the Riverwalk and view the Straz, while another group wandered around the area around the museum, cameras at ready for a picture-perfect moment. 

Alexandra Gerges // Staff Writer 

Mia Higinbotham // Business Manager

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