Haden Carlson, quarterback for the Steinbrenner football team, has been playing football ever since his freshman year. Carlson has recently accepted an offer to play for Florida International University’s football team.  

Football is his favorite sport because it is the hardest and most intense sport he’s played before. 

“Having to get up early for workouts and having the motivation to go to practice after is hard,” said Carlson. 

Being a part of the football team is no easy feat for Carlson, since he is required to practice in the morning in addition to the standard practice after school. The football team has morning workouts three days a week and practice after school Monday through Friday. Still, Carlson pushes through with dedication and motivation to further his football career. 

“I love my team more than any other team I’ve been on. We are close and it’s something everyone can see,” said Carlson.

After having played for the school team since freshman year, Carlson bonds with his teammates more than ever. Because they are always playing and practicing together, the team goes through everything together. The experience of feeling unmotivated or beat down and getting back up as a brotherhood is what makes them family. 

“Winning obviously helps me stay motivated but losing is what motivated me to actually do better,” said Carlson. 

Losing pushes Carlson to work harder on his skills so that he can carry his team to victory. Although he loves winning, Carlson makes sure that when he loses, he takes advantage of that opportunity to learn from his mistakes and perform better. 

“I’m working on trying to improve myself on everything I can,” said Carlson. 

This year, the football team has carried a perfect, undefeated season with victories all around. By becoming a family, the team is a prime example of the unity, spirit, and motivation shown at Steinbrenner High School. Closing with his senior year, Haden Carlson will forever keep the warriors in his heart. 

Andrea Gutierrez // Staff Writer

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