As metal straws continue to increase in popularity, some people are starting to question the use of them and if they’re safe for people. Some think that the United States and other countries should focus on other ways to save the planet. 

The controversy all started with a metal straw incident that occurred in England. The news reported that a woman in Britain had been impaled by a metal straw. The woman had been walking with an eco-friendly mason jar glass. The straw had then implanted her left eye, also stabbing her brain in the process. She was immediately taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead the next day. England would be adding onto the 1,400 people that are getting injured by straws each year.  Ever since this event, England had been looking in on how to fix this. It has become a big deal in the United States as well.  

With these straws though, come consequences and some safety issues. With metal being involved this can cause a danger to any students or younger children no matter the situation. So, in order to stop these incidents from happening, there are some ways to fix the issue. The first way to avoid this is by keeping metal straws in a safe place. These can be as simple as kitchen shelves that aren’t in reach of babies or toddlers. Secondly, parents and children could learn to naturally clean up after themselves. This would help to prevent many incidents that could otherwise be prevented.

As awesome as saving the environment with not using plastic straws sounds, there are ways that people don’t know and should use. There are at least three other ways to help save the environment that communities can easily do. First, start with using reusable things, including bags and containers. This will help to also get rid of the plastic that is polluting the water and killing turtles. This will double the amount that is being taken away and saving the environment.  

Next, there is trying to recycle items, which can add to saving the earth. When recycling, it may not seem like that big of a deal but, recycling leads to the making of reusable items. Even though kids may not have a recycling bin at their house it’s important that they still recycle at school. If children and teachers participate this there will be a greater chance of the Earth being saved.  

Lastly, saving water and electricity is another effective eco-solution. Ways to do this are turning off the lights when not located in a room or when there is a light on somewhere it’s not supposed to be. Also, making sure that windows are open to using natural light instead. When it comes to water, simply turning off leaking sinks or the dripping faucets could make a big difference. Also, turning down the shower will help lower water bills. When the United States decides to do more than just metal straws, there will be a significant change in the future of the planet.

Charlese Thybulle // Staff Writer

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