Ten years following the release of the original “Zombieland,” the gore-filled, action-packed sequel is finally here. Fans have been rallying for the sequel’s release since its production was announced years ago. The duology boasts a large fandom and a cast of multiple Academy Award nominated actors and actresses including Woody Harrelson, Jessie Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin, and including Academy Award winner Emma Stone.  

These acknowledgments of the talent show the growth that the cast has gone through throughout the years to further their careers, though the hilarious script and plot-driven story are what make these actors shine further, as they greatly improve upon the story of the first film. It is obvious that the cast has grown more experienced since the release of the first film and their newfound experience works in their favor as they continue to explore and develop their characters past the characterization from “Zombieland.” 

With the same writers as “Deadpool,” the comedy takes the forefront in the film, including both new jokes and references to running gags from the original, such as Eisenberg’s character’s famous list of tips for surviving Zombieland and the references to Hollywood icon Bill Murray. The hilarious quips throughout the script move the story along without taking away from the plot and the heartfelt message of found family.  

The found family aspect that runs throughout the plot is one that touches the hearts of all moviegoers. The relationships between characters are strong, well-developed, and make the audience want to get invested in their lives. The struggles that Eisenberg and Stone’s characters go through romantically are realistic (well, realistic for a zombie movie) and relatable. The movie is extremely plot-driven, which lends itself well to the audience as the story is easy to follow. However, with this comes the downfall that some plot elements seem too convenient, unrealistic, or cheesy.  

“Zombieland: Double Tap” successfully builds on the story and lore that was established in the first film. With strong performances from the star-studded cast and a heartfelt story that celebrates father figures and familial relationships, “Zombieland: Double Tap” provides a satisfying sequel to the beloved duology and provides an obviously positive no-brainer for critics and zombie lovers. If audiences are looking for a fitting film to see this fall that doesn’t provide scares, this is the perfect one.  


Grace Barnett // Centerspread Editor 

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