HOSA, now dubbed Future Health Professionals, as opposed to their previous name Health Occupations Students of America, has been working on improving the Lutz community one biker at a time.  

Kathy Matos, the secretary for HOSA, along with several other club officers, are participating in a program in partnership with More Health inc, a non-profit organization based in Florida concerned with helping students practice pedestrian safety in their communities.  

This will be the first time HOSA partners with More Health, Inc. and they hope to continue a tradition of partnership in the upcoming years. 

The program is currently teaching the HOSA officers how to effectively teach younger students on pedestrian safety while on the road. Upon completing the course, the officers hope to teach the rest of HOSA members who are interested in how to teach such information as well. 

Eventually, HOSA members will be going to other elementary schools, including McKitrick, where they will be teaching students on Oct. 25, 2019.   

“I think it’s gonna be an excellent thing just because Steinbrenner and McKitrick are so close together, I think it’s gonna be a good way to build the connection more and give a better influence on children,” said Matos.  

Tatiana Gonzalez // Staff Writer 

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