On Sept. 24, IHOP introduced their four spooky new breakfast items in preparation for the Halloween season and the Addams Family movie that comes in theaters on Oct. 11. 

The four items were each based around a member of the Addams Family: Wednesday’s Web-Cakes, fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with cupcake icing, Hershey chocolate syrup and festive purple whip cream, Gomez’ Green Chili Omelette, filled with spicy green and red peppers, pulled pork and an abundance of cheese, and Morticia’s Haunted Hot Chocolate and Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Ice Scream Shake that share the same spooky purple whip. 

For those eager to satisfy that sweet-tooth craving, the Web-Cakes will definitely deliver. The four enormous buttermilk pancakes are thick and fluffy and the chocolate spiderweb design looks visually appealing upon its arrival to the table. The cupcake icing is only on the first pancake and is reminiscent of a doughnut glaze but thicker. The purple whipped cream that tops the cakes as well as its accompanying beverages, surpasses expectation with its creamy, velvety quality, making anyone excited to enjoy this seasonal treat. The top pancake, with all its dressings, is very rich, but the simple bottom three balances out the rest of it. Adding syrup is recommended, because the pancakes can become dry, but adds additional sugar to the already rich pancakes. The portion is extremely large, so even sweet connoisseurs will have to ask for a to-go box. 

A recommended compromise for this dish is to order the Wednesday’s Web-Cakes Combo or the Kooky Kids Combo. This allows the guest to have two smaller versions of the Web-Cakes, complete with their signature toppings, but pair them with the traditional eggs, hash browns and their choice of a sausage link or bacon. This is much less overwhelming and provides a more enjoyable meal with a variety of options. 

Gomez’ Green Chili Omelette’s savory filling is enticing with its balance of spice and textures. The onions and peppers provide an excellent crunch and a doable amount of heat that pairs well with the melted cheese and the cooling sour cream. The green verde sauce on top is well seasoned, tying everything in the dish together. They are also paired with a side of pancakes, and for those who are feeling indecisive, the omelette can be paired with the Web-Cakes. 

All the dishes are “dreadfully delicious” overall but can at times become overpowering. Combining a haunted hot chocolate or a scream shake with a spooky stack of Web-Cakes, be prepared for a major sugar high. 

These limited edition IHOP breakfast items are sure to put diners in the Halloween Spirit. Be sure to try one before their sudden disappearance on Nov. 3.   

Alexandra Gerges // Staff Writer 

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