Friday night football games showcase the skills of the school’s team, as well as give a stage to the marching band to perform. These two groups are constantly stuck together, going to game after game, but they usually have little to no interaction with one another. But thanks to the efforts of the advisor of both the football team and band, they are finally getting a chance to truly interact, creating unity on and off the field.  

“I think that it makes both groups really appreciate each other and it builds camaraderie, creating a family. Overall the school atmosphere changes because we’ve become a more unified front,” said Jason Algair, the school band director. 

It hasn’t always been this way, with their relationship being somewhat generic compared to other high school teams. However, over time the circles came together to build something that most other schools don’t have, a strong bond between them. 

“When I first got here it was almost none existent, just because the band did band things and football did their thing. So, through my relationship with the football coaches and with our students realizing what’s important on Friday nights and the importance of the community feel of Steinbrenner, it just started to form this bond,” said Algair.

This relationship really helps the football team during a game, as the band’s support coming through to help them get the win. 

“I’ve seen moments in the football game where the band is playing so loud that they can’t even hear what they’re doing. And when the team needs more noise, we try to bring it up for them, it makes that relationship move back and forth,” said Algair. 

The relationship isn’t just restricted to the playing field, with both sides interacting off the field as well. 

 “Band members have really seen them in the hallways and congratulated and supported them,” said Algair. “They’ve come out and done little kind things for us, and we’ve done kind things for them, we go out to one practice for them and played just to build that relationship back and forth.” 

All of this culminates in a unique environment at Steinbrenner that not every school can claim they have. 

“I’ve never experienced anything like this, and I’m humbled by the relationship and community that’s here,” said Algair. “I think I speak for Coach Perez when I say we’re humbled by what the students do, and they inspire us every day.” 

Matthew Menendez // Backpage Editor

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