Steinbrenner’s JV football team has taken a win at all their games this season. Their hard work on the field demonstrates how dedicated they are to football. Coach Matthew Woodward explains how the team is undefeated and doing well, as they might have faced a challenge to Gaither High School, the warriors took home a victory.

“I thought that Gaither was going to be a challenge, but they weren’t,” said Woodward.

JV football works hard to be their best on the field. With practices Monday through Wednesday after school until 6 p.m., these players dedicate their time and are devoted to the team.

“I go to practice every day, I try to help make the team better,” said 10th grader Harrison Friedly.

 These players work hard for their spot on the team, however, they aren’t getting recognized for all their hard work and it could be that JV games occur on Thursday nights and varsity games occur on Friday nights. Audience rates are said to be low at Thursday night games. Steinbrenner does a great job of promoting football games, especially varsity. Nevertheless, when it comes to JV, students and administration aren’t as aware of the games. A little message on the morning announcements might not be enough to get the word out to students or perhaps the administration could announce the game on the intercom at the end of the day.

“I’m not sure if they do promote it at all other than announcements on the intercom for when we have games,” said Woodward.

As a result of not announcing the games as much as Varsity, there is not as much support at their football games. Students may prefer to cheer on the varsity team rather than junior varsity. If there’s no crowd, then is there even really a football game?

“A lot more people go to varsity games,” said Friedly.

With the lack of support the warriors bring, this could leave the players feeling unappreciated and unsupported by their own school.

Students at Steinbrenner may compare the two teams, while there is no big difference, there’s still confusion as to why JV still doesn’t get recognized. JV works just hard as any other varsity player making them important to the school. Although, that’s not the case. Steinbrenner pays much more attention to varsity and their victories rather than JV. JV must have to feel proud of themselves as a team and as individuals for pulling in a win for all six games.

JV football players should know that their hard work can lead them to great success in the future. Their work is greatly appreciated and respected in the field.

On the other hand, warriors should know that the JV football season is ending, however, it’s greatly appreciated by the JV football players when students come out and cheer them on. The more support the better. JV football had a great season, they were undefeated, warriors should recognize that.

Bella Lopez // Staff Writer

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