Known for its açai bowls, Grain and Berry has recently come out with a new menu option— the Keto Bowl. 

 Not on par with the chains generally sweet tasting bowls, the Keto Bowl comes with avocado and eggs topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, caprese herbs, paprika and salt with an everything bagel topping (sesame seeds, mostly). All coming together to make one delectable dish, right? 

Well, maybe not. Now the Keto Bowl; upon the first taste, the pre-made eggs immediately overtake any hint of avocado, tomato, or any other food in the dish. Not to mention the over-salting, in a feeble attempt to add any flavor to the meal being served, lessens its appeal. 

Any attempts in adding spices or herbs to the dish were futile, or maybe even overlooked. Barely a hint of taste beyond eggs, avocado and salt persisted in the bowl itself. The flavor mostly consisted of plain avocado and egg thrown together, the taste bland to the point where eating it gets boring. 

Overall, the meal presents itself more as a quickly made, half-planned breakfast item that one can simply make at home in a few minutes, than an actual menu-item in a restaurant known for its “insta-worthy” açai bowls. Even the presentation is off, looking more like random foods being thrown into a bowl than items specifically chosen to be there to create the best experience.  

It’s hard to say but, well, the Keto Bowl falls short of its expectations and frankly, was underwhelming. That’s not to say it was completely terrible; the bowl is edible, but not at all worth the some $11 it took to buy it and the 30 minute drive to get there. Honestly, someone would be better off at home making scrambled eggs and throwing large slices of avocado on it.  

Tatiana Gonzalez // Staff Writer

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