Earlier this month Steinbrenner’s very own lady warriors swim team competed in this season’s city relays, where they were able to make an impressive top three placement in the whole district. 

“I was very proud of our swim team. Even though we didn’t get the outcome we would’ve liked in the pool, I would still say that the whole meet was a success,” said one of the girls swim team co-captains, Lauren Kenny.

The award that the team was aiming for gives recognition for their overall enthusiasm and team spirit that they pour into the sport.  

“We wanted to win it every year, but my junior year we couldn’t since we placed 1st. So, this year, our parents and swim coach took a lot of time to put together cheers and buy a lot of supplies that would fit our overall theme this year. We chose a theme before we go there, and this year it was pirates. We’d get the supplies that fit the theme, hold a cheer practice before the relays, and cheer on our teams at the end of the lane,” said the other co-captain for the girl’s swim team, Ashley Dorsey

There was some confusion on the actual winners of the spirit award this year, mixing up which team won. Luckily the lady warriors were able to come out on top.  

“I was so thrilled when I found out that we won! It was long overdue. I have mixed emotions about the mix-up, there really is no proof that we won since it was all based on the judge’s opinion. But I hope that the Spoto coach feels generous enough to give our trophy back,” said Kenny.

The team is very humble over the success they had at the relays, and plan to highlight the improvements they’ve made this in this swim season.  

“I feel that we have a very strong team, not only in the water but especially outside of the water. We are all much better teammates and cheering each other on has really helped us. I feel that we have good shots at swimmers to states this year,” said Kenny.

The swims team future this season seems promising after they made some big wins this season thus far. 

“I think it’s going to be a pretty good season this year, our girls’ team beat out Academy, even without a dive team, and usually those are our biggest schools to go against,” said Dorsey. 

Matthew Menendez // Backpage Editor

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