In the late 1800s, the greatest time to be a woman in America, a man named H.G. Wells wrote a novel called The Time Machine. This novel popularized the idea of traveling through time via machines and vehicles. Ever since, the idea of traveling through time and changing reality has been given extreme attention by scientists and fiction fans alike. 

Although time travel has received much popularity over the years, many are still skeptical because it seems to be the only thing more impossible than successfully purchasing something off of Craigslist. Recently, however, a study has revealed that, much like birthdays being held on Mars, the act of “turning back time” might be more probable than once thought. 

A minute study performed in California at the Intervene Immune and Stanford Medical Center messed up terribly when, instead of proving that one could slow down the aging process, it was revealed one could reverse the aging process entirely by around 2.5 years! This age reversal was induced by a cocktail of drugs.

“I’d expected to see slowing down of the clock, but not a reversal,” said geneticist Steve Horvath at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

As if plastic surgery just wasn’t enough for today’s ‘imperfect’ youth, now, one can not only rewind to their “stunning, beautiful” selves, but they can also reduce the chances of age-related diseases.

Not only was this study terribly executed without the use of a control group, but the study was on such a small scale that even the experimenters themselves were shocked by the results! 

“It may be that there is an effect, but the results are not rock-solid because the study is very small and not well controlled,” said cell biologist Wolfgang Wagner at the University of Aachen in Germany. 

So, if anyone wants to go and reverse all of the mistakes that they’ve made within the past year via the use of this cocktail drug, go for it! But don’t come running back when the unprofessionalism used while making this drug results in some unintended side effects. 

Josh Yaker // Staff Writer

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