New Year’s 2021 may seem like a long way away, but for band and chorus members, their calendars are already booked. Steinbrenner’s chorus and band departments have, as of April 25, been officially invited to perform at a New Year’s Day parade – in London, no less.

The application is an involved one. The school had to first fill out an application expressing their interest in the program. Then, another school who has already gone on the trip, in Steinbrenner’s case, Bloomingdale High School, had to select Steinbrenner to invite.

The band will be performing at the actual New Year’s Day Parade, while the choir will be singing at London Choral Festival, which happens at the same time.

What happened on April 25 was just one part in the many steps that must be taken before the musicians fly across the pond. Earlier this year, a representative of the London Chorale Festival visited Steinbrenner to work with the school’s Chamber Choir, observe their skill level, and see their singing in-person. After this, the choral department received their official invitation for the festival.

“I’ve never done this in sixteen years of teaching,” said Corey Poole, Steinbrenner’s chorus teacher, referring to the London Chorale Festival. “But I’ve never had groups of this high caliber before I came to Steinbrenner.”

The visiting Englishmen conducted a presentation in the school’s auditorium that explained more about the festival and parade. After performing for the visitors, Steinbrenner band and chorus students watched informational videos about the events. To finish off, Poole and band director Jason Allgair received presents from the visitors and presented their own gifts in return.

Planning is already underway for the 2020-2021 new year’s trip, and Poole and Allgair are eagerly anticipating this monumental trip.


Jordyn Dees // Opinion Editor

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