For the past few years, Steinbrenner’s yearbook and newspaper have attended the Florida Scholastic Press Association, a convention for students journalists all across the state.

At the convention, students got to participate in competitions that test their skills in writing, photography and videography. In total, Steinbrenner won 73 awards including both digital submissions that were sent in months prior, and on-the-spot competitions at the convention.

“The experience I got at FSPA was helpful because I learned a lot and I’m excited to apply it next year to yearbook,” said sophomore Alexandra Mosher.

Students like Mosher spent all of the first day running around working on their on-the-spot competitions. Some competitions went from noon to 10:30 at night, while others were around two hours long. Mosher received an Excellent ranking for her photo  that she submitted prior to the event.

The second day of FSPA, students took classes from both professionals in their field, as well as student journalists across the state on various topics like photography, staff bonding and multimedia.

“For my first FSPA, it was a really fun experience and very educational. I learned a lot of things that I can use in newspaper for the next two years while I’m on staff,” said sophomore Elena Melikian.

Every year, FSPA presents a great opportunity for getting to know the rest of the publications’ members. Getting that live experience of being together for three days will help strengthen the bond between staff members, as well as skills that can be used in years to come.



Taylor Snow // Backpage Editor

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