When a person is passionate about something, they often cannot wait to share that passion with the world. Often times, they share their love through discussion and dialogue, writing things such as books and speeches, or even just chatting with a friend. These times of shared interests are important, as they introduce us to new and exciting pass times and interesting topics of research.

On Feb. 28, Steinbrenner hosted its first ever George Talk, a TEDx-style event. A total of 12 students spoke about a variety of topics, each falling into categories such as politics, science, or personal experience. These students chose these topics completely on their own, some of them using past AP Research papers as a baseline for their presentations.

“I think [George Talk] gives people a platform to put out ideas and get people thinking about whatever they want,” said senior Jack Comiskey, one of the many speakers at the event.

“I decided on my topic, which was nuclear power because it was something I had been passionate about. I had known for a long time that I wanted to go into nuclear engineering and I noticed a lot of misconceptions going around about nuclear power. I decided it would be a good platform where I could spread some ideas about it and maybe get people thinking that maybe it’s not such a bad thing,” said Comiskey.

Steinbrenner must submit the videos taken at the event in order to hopefully receive their license to make the event an annual TEDx showcase, with a much more official set-up and equipment. With the hard work and dedication shown by students and faculty, there is no doubt that licensing for next year is on its way.



Grace Barnett // Staff Writer 


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