Sexual violence and assault are not laughing matters. The topic of sexual misconduct has been one that, over the past few months, has been increasing in media coverage and social discussion, due to things such as the “Me Too” movement. However, even though society has deemed these issues more acceptable to talk about, schools still shy away from them.

On Feb. 25, Steinbrenner hosted its first ever annual “Get Loud” basketball game. Students worked with the Tampa Bay Crisis Center in order to host the event. Emphasis was placed on the statistic that every nine seconds, a woman is sexually abused, by telling attendees that for the first eight points, they would be completely silent. On the ninth point, they were encouraged to be as loud as they could in order to “break the silence.” After that, the game played out as per usual. However, this particular game was played by both students and faculty creating the two teams.

“[The coordinators of Get Loud] have had lots of friends that have been through stuff and we feel like nobody ever hears about it and no one ever gets recognition for what they’ve been through and we feel like that should be heard,” said junior Maddison Rametta.

At the beginning of the game, speakers from the crisis center and representatives from Steinbrenner were present to explain the importance of speaking up and raising awareness. During halftime, students were encouraged to share their stories on why they chose to come to the game and support the cause.

The students ended up winning the game, with a final score of 62-52. This event, and hopefully future ones as well, will encourage students and teachers to discuss these serious issues more often.



Grace Barnett // Staff Writer 

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