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Sequels are almost always not better than the original. Many fans and casual viewers when into “Happy Death Day 2U,” with this mentality, and came out of the theater wondering exactly what they just watched. But the repetitiveness ended up being the factor that saved the film.

With the sequel, the characters are placed in a new scenario, finding out the reason for the events of the first movie. With the same cast and a couple added characters, the film is very repetitive. Although fans of the original film had an enjoyable time watching the characters in a new scenario, it left some information gap for new watchers. The film features a small recap section but ultimately relies heavily on prior knowledge of the original film to carry the story.

The beginning of the movie started off by focusing on a minor character from the original film, with the same issue as the first main character. At first, this seemed a bit derivative and it seemed that the film was going to be an exact copy of the original. However, the repetitiveness ended up working in the film’s favor using the nostalgia factor from fans of the original movie.

Even though the story is repetitive, it works in this setting because it makes a sequel that doesn’t feel like a rip off for money by the production company. The same lovable cast of characters helps to carry on the interesting story from the first film. For this reason, I think the film only works for fans or viewers of the original.

Most of the film is great, however, there are parts of the film that feel cheesy and ultimately like a play for laughs or a pull for emotion instead of an important part of the storyline. Scenes such as a skydiving scene and a new version of the main character’s life where her mother is alive ultimately felt very unnecessary to the overall plot.

Going into a film with low expectations and coming out wondering what you just watched can be a bad thing, but in the case of “Happy Death Day 2U,” it works out. Even though critics, casual viewers, and fans of the franchise alike went into “Happy Death Day 2U” with low expectations looming over their heads, ultimately, the film was good enough to keep audiences intrigued, and good enough for the franchise to continue. The end of the film featured a credits scene that nods towards the future of the franchise, with another movie possibly in the works.

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Grace Beilman // Staff Writer

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