Tyler Perry finally says goodbye to his hit movie series, staring Madea. With over 10 movies starring Tyler Perry as Madea, Perry decides he’s done with the series and that he has used up all that he can from the series. “A Madea Family Funeral” closes out the series quite well with stellar humor and a decent plot.

Although the movie was not the best that it could have been, for the type of film that it was, it was quite good and made the audience laugh so much that at some points people couldn’t hear what was going on in the actual movie. Jokes rolled out of the actors mouths like it wasn’t scripted at all, it added a sense of reality and naturalism to the film.

When the movie started, it felt more like a soap opera or telenovela than an actual film with a real plot. Throughout the first 20 minutes, the plot is developed to the point where it is no longer good because viewers can see what is going to occur. However, this doesn’t make the movie bad, just not the best movie to go and see in theaters because it’s just not really worth the time.

The movie was an overall success for the franchise because they made $27 million on their debut weekend, the second best value in the past decade for the “Madea” films.

With what seems to be a comedic film, takes a deep turn in the last 15 minutes when the movie’s actors discuss serious issues such as abuse, cheating and death. With this, the crowd went berserk when actress KJ Smith, playing Carol, left her husband for cheating on her and said that she needs to live her life in a safe environment and that he needs to get help. Although this was a predictable outcome, it was still breathtaking to watch on screen and might have even been the highlight of the movie.

Overall, the film itself was cheesy and predictable but had a good plot to back it up. The writing for the film was exceptional and will forever keep the “Madea” films alive even if Tyler Perry is no longer starring in the movie series. The casting was good, along with the acting, but kept the more well-known actors out of the movie. The sincerity of the ending was what really brought this film together as a whole and wrapped up the series quite nicely. What people really want from a movie is something to take away from it, and that’s exactly what the franchise gave people.

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