Genocide prevention isn’t a topic people would expect middle schoolers to debate; last Friday, Wilson students proved that they are wise beyond their years.

On Jan. 18 Steinbrenner’s Model United Nations club hosted a genocide prevention conference in the school’s library with students from Wilson Middle. It was entirely student led and followed the same parliamentary procedures as a normal convention. Countries such as Australia, Brazil, Israel and Spain were represented by Wilson students with Steinbrenner’s students representing various members of the dais. They were all able to express their opinions through facilitated debate and team work to reach a series of decisions throughout the conference.

Students from Steinbrenner and Wilson were united through a common cause, with grade level being no barrier between their knowledge of the intergovernmental organization system and world issues. Steinbrenner’s MUN club created the opportunity for collaborations between students who are passionate about politics and the United Nations.

“I personally have been interested in the UN for so long and I think it does a great job,” said junior Sanika Kende. “Sitting in these mock conferences gives me a good idea of what they do.”

The mock conference established a platform for students to share their ideas on world issues such as genocide, but also experience what takes place in a real United Nations conference. It also allowed them to become acquainted with members of Steinbrenner’s MUN club and the way a mock conference works.

“I love meeting new kids from [other] schools of different ages and backgrounds, and debating and speaking about things I believe in,” said Emma Matthews, a student from Wilson Middle.

By visiting a high school conference now, students like Matthews are gaining MUN experience that will prepare them for the club if they join in high school.


Katelyn Payne // Editor-in-Chief

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