Christmas. The word alone evokes so many spectacular things for so many people. Snow angels. Gingerbread men. Sugary candies. Piles of gifts.  Fond memories of family and friends gather together to celebrate one very special holiday. One could say there is a certain… magic to Christmas. And one physical embodiment of this “magic” is the classic Christmas movie.

Most high schoolers have probably seen some of the classic Christmas films: “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty the Snowman,” “A Christmas Carol,” “A Christmas Story,” and “Miracle on 49th street.” These are the movies and takes that helped bring Christmas to life for many of today’s students. Most of these films are aimed towards children, however. Not to say that high schoolers can’t watch kids movies, as that is blatantly not true, but one cannot help but wonder how Christmas movies aimed at adults would be received by a high school audience. This enters a Christmas phenomena: the Hallmark Christmas movie.

Hallmark Christmas films, which air on the Hallmark Channel as well as on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, are loved by many adults who wish to be in the spirit of the season. Their appeal to the average high schooler is less clear.

Hallmark Christmas movies follow one of two basic plots: something mildly problematic happen, someone falls in love, and Christmas cheer is spewed, or a tragedy occurs, someone falls in love, and Christmas cheer is spewed. They are very predictable, almost cheesy, and aren’t overly complicated. On one hand, if the high schooler wishes to see a completing, unique and adventurous plot, Hallmark movies aren’t for them. However, if they want some nearly-mindless, joyful entertainment, they will love it. Also, a press position to liking love stories will be a factor in determining whether a high schooler will enjoy a Hallmark Christmas movie. Almost every single one contains a love arch as a very important plot point, whether it be a love triangle, enemies turned romantic, or just a simple “two people realizing they are right for each other,” these movies will have their viewers 100 percent covered in the cute love story department.

If the high schooler doesn’t enjoy romantic tales, Hallmark movies might not be for them. However, if they do, they might find the perfect pastime in Hallmark Christmas films. A love for all things Christmas is also something the viewers will want to have, but they should go without saying, really. These are Christmas movies after all! One final important determining factor in whether high schoolers will like to watch Hallmark Christmas movies is how much they use regular television. Hallmark Christmas films are not on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. The only streaming service with the Hallmark Channel is Sling. Otherwise, the viewers are out of luck. If these high schoolers only use Netflix, they will not enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies. The good news is that Netflix has their own Christmas films, such as the highly promoted “Christmas Chronicles,” for such students to watch on their own time.

So, if a high schooler is tired, romance-loving and addicted to cable T.V., Hallmark Christmas movies are perfect for them. Even if they don’t meet every qualification on that list, some high schoolers might find themselves pleasantly surprised; just like Christmas magic, Hallmark Christmas films have a way of sneaking up on viewers and bringing them joy, no matter how much of a Grinch they think they are.

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