Passion and commitment led him to being one of only two freshmen joining the varsity football team.
Now, as a sophomore, Thomas Hubbell, was a starter for the 2018 season as an outside linebacker, an important defensive role as they are responsible for outside containment. Outside containment can include blitzing the quarterback and tackling the running back. As a team mostly compromised of upperclassmen, such a feat must have not been easy.

“The second week of junior varsity training, the coach called us into his office and said, ‘we want you two to be moved up to varsity,’” said Hubbell.

Hubbell had begun playing football when he was only four years old, joining his local team the Bills, and from there took this interest and ran with it. For Hubbell, football is one of those interests that one cannot find anything to dislike about. If one can find the training and practice needed to hone a skill enjoyable, they must have been born to do it.

“Just everything about the weight room, I love, I feel in love with the weight room,” said Hubbell.
It is not just the sport and training that Hubbell loves, but those he works with on and off the field to make the team better.

“I’ve loved all the coaches and everything about the program. With last year’s team, it was tough losing all the seniors – we were brothers and we did everything together. This year is going to be the same thing,” said Hubbell.

Even in the off-season, not only does he participate in football’s off-season practice, but he partakes in track and field’s spring season for some off-season training of his own. Hubbell plans on joining the team again for the 2019 spring season.

Hubbell has the intention of honing his skill enough to begin being scouted by college teams. He hopes that his football career so far will increase his chances of being accepted into universities.
“I have to excel in football to get to the next level,” said Hubbell.

As a young student athlete, Hubbell has gone beyond his peers, but still has room for greater potential. With two years left of high school, there is no doubt that he can improve by leaps and bounds in time for college. Although he is only a sophomore, he will definitely have a promising career in football at Steinbrenner.



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