Netflix’s “Marriage Story” is Best Picture material

Ever since Noah Baumbach’s most recent project, “Marriage Story,” debuted at the Venice Film Festival, critics have said it was the best film of 2019. […]

Frigid Florida freak out [SATIRE]

Snow and ice, frost and sleet; though not seen yet, the citizens of Florida know the threat of the cold is near. People can be seen […]

“Fine Line” blends genres to create a wonderland of self-discovery

Harry Styles’ sophomore album, “Fine Line,” has been long-awaited by fans and critics, and it surely did not disappoint. Blending many genres such as pop, […]

Political polarization is concerning but not irreversible

Politics, at its core, is polarizing. People associate it with conflict, argument, and frustration. It is a direct clash of opinions, while also trying to […]

Warriors battle Sickles High School in first home basketball game

The Steinbrenner boys basketball team played their first home game on Tuesday, Dec. 3, against long-time rival Sickles High School. The Warriors had never beat […]

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star show a whole new side of the beauty community

After Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star kept fans on the edge of their seats when releasing a series together starting off on Aug. 1st, 2018, they struck the […]

“Fortnite” finale’s black hole gives the game its much-desired popularity [SATIRE]

Recently, one of the most popular online games in the world, Fortnite, was beginning to take a back seat to the sudden uprise in “Minecraft”‘s popularity. The “Fortnite” game […]

“Pokémon Sword and Shield” gives fans a champion time despite previous controversies

With the surging protest movements titled #GameFreakLied and Dexit firing on social media during its pre-release, Pokémon fans were concerned whether the newest generation of the main series, “Pokémon Sword […]