The Disney Candlelight Processional is an event held at Epcot every holiday season. The show is all about the story of Christmas, and is held in the Disney World Showcase. Steinbrenner chorus has made it a tradition to attend the showcase every year, and this year they went on Dec. 3.
The show features a 50 piece full orchestra, and hundreds of other choral members. It is known for being impactful with the combination of narration and music.

“The coolest part of Candlelight is being up on stage with all of the lighting and the gaudy gold choir robes, and just feeling really powerful,” said senior Jillian Semmel.

One of the parts that is super exciting for both attendees and performers is the celebrity narrator that is onstage with the performers. Although the narrators rotate every few days, the narrator for the show Steinbrenner performed in was Neil Patrick Harris.

“It was really cool to perform in a show that he narrated. Even though I didn’t personally get to meet him, he came in before rehearsal and gave us a little pep talk and it was really nice and funny,” said Semmel.

After the performance, students are released into the Epcot park to spend the rest of the night with their fellow chorus members. The students were also given Epcot passes to use in the future free of charge.

Disney Candlelight has become something that chorus students look forward to every year, and is a way for those them to help spread holiday cheer.


Grace Becker // News Editor

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