Poetry Café is a semiannual event that occurs every fall and spring at Steinbrenner. The night showcases poems, songs and stand-up comedy pieces that have been prepared primarily by the Steinbrenner’s literary magazine, the Echo, although other students perform as well. The evening also serves as one of the only times that the Echo can raise money for their class and is a way for them to sell copies of their literary magazine.  This year, it occurred on Nov. 30.

“There’s a lot of great writers here, who love to perform, who don’t generally have a place to share it other than their creative writing classes,” said senior Noah Alewel, who hosted this year’s Poetry Café. “It was a lot of fun, and everyone seemed to really enjoy everything. And that’s all I really cared about – making it fun. I’m really proud of everything we did.”

Many talented individuals were showcased, each seeming to enjoy their pieces and have a high level of passion for what they had written. However, the whole event requires dedication from not only the poets and storytellers, but the whole Echo staff as well.

“Poetry Café requires a lot of coordination,” said Echo adviser John “Eric” Vona. With everything from gathering pieces, reviewing them, getting a band to perform and preparing the venue, it takes a lot of hard work, from the editors, to the events team, and the rest of the literary magazine staff.

An event like Poetry Café provides a place where students can express themselves, and offers them a creative outlet in front of an audience. For many students, having that kind of opportunity is immeasurable, as they get to share pieces that are powerful and impactful with people who genuinely want to listen to what they have to say.


Grace Barnett // Staff Writer

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