After countless elections that have been split nearly 50/50, a study is finally being conducted on why Floridians cannot come to a consensus on various issues. In early November, researchers did a poll asking Floridians from all across the state a few questions where they simply had to choose which situation they would rather participate in.

Although there were a variety of questions on the survey, the question that really stood out for the researchers had subjects choose whether they would rather receive a free Spotify Premium membership for three months, or only have access to the Justin Bieber’s first album for the same amount of time. The group conducting the study was convinced that participants would choose the first option, since the control groups in other states across the country almost unanimously chose Spotify. However, they were shocked when the results came in showing a 49 percent to 51 percent split in favor of Bieber.

“Look I know it might seem a little unconventional for people who haven’t really thought it through the way I have, but let me explain. I’ve been listening to music that I chose, and I enjoy for my whole life. But, have I ever given Justin’s first album a real chance? No. So I figured, why not dive in and experience something new,” said Floridian Indie Sysive.

Researchers were so baffled by their findings on that question, that a few weeks later, they sent out another form that asked participants “If offered $50, would you walk out onto a busy highway?” Based on Florida’s track record, it shouldn’t be surprising that the vote was split nearly down the middle. Although there were a wide variety of explanations for why Floridians across the state would hypothetically make the decision to walk onto the highway, the most common explanation turned out to be “50 bucks is 50 bucks.”

These results made scientists across the country question what it is about Floridians that causes them to be so indecisive about issues that are pretty unanimously voted on by people outside of Florida. There are a few theories on why this phenomenon occurs.

One theory, and perhaps the most widely believed theory, is that this anomaly is caused by the extreme heat Floridians are exposed to. After years of sunburns, severe sweating, and lack of hydration, doctors believe it has caused imbalances in their decision making.

There is a wide variety of other theories about why Floridian’s behave this way involving things like mosquitoes, elderly people, and even theme parks. However, when researchers released this information, Florida residents were in fact able to come to a consensus for once: they wanted a recount.


News Editor // Grace Becker

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