The Founding Fathers wholeheartedly opposed the idea of power being transferred through blood. Over the last half-century, the Bush, Reagan, Clinton, and Kennedy families have dominated American politics and have established political dynasties that are intertwined with established political parties.  However, recent events suggest that these families and political are losing influence. But this isn’t the first time the established parties have been threatened with extinction. In the early 1900s, President Theodore Roosevelt, and President William Taft divided the Republican party, which allowed for President Woodrow Wilson to win the election. The first time a Democrat had won the presidency in over 20 years.

Now, the Democratic Party has abolished their superdelegates. Initially, superdelegates were instituted to make the process more democratic and efficient. Superdelegates are members of the Democratic Party that are seated automatically based on status as a current or former party leader. These delegates significantly contributed to the nomination of  Hillary Clinton back in 2016. Thus, the use of superdelegates became associated with nepotism and undemocratic methods. Now, that the super-delegates are no longer in play, more candidates like Bernie Sanders have a better chance at becoming presidential nominees and ultimately winning the Presidential Election. 

One progressive democrat that has recently risen to prominence is Bernie Sanders protege, Andrew Gillum, who recently won the gubernatorial primary for Florida. He won against the establishment candidate, Gwen Graham, daughter of former Governor Bob Graham. Gillum’s policies aim to remove Confederate statues, expand Medicaid, further fund the education system, and raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars per hour.

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis won the gubernatorial primary race for the Republican party, because the Trump administration endorsed Desantis instead of Adam Putnam, the establishment’s choice, and Governor Rick Scott’s protege. However, Ron DeSantis and Adam Putnam have similar platforms and agree on most central issues. Both openly opposes abortion and Planned Parenthood wishes to dismantle most of the programs set forth by the Obama administration and opposes gun control.

Another example of a Republican beating out the establishment candidate is when President Trump was nominated as opposed to Senator Ted Cruz. The nomination of Trump shocked many Republican party leaders. The party would’ve preferred for Ted Cruz to be nominated because of he is aligned with more of the core values of the Republican party and was groomed by the Republican Party to take control of the reigns of the Presidency.  

Although the established parties have suffered in recent elections, political families like the Clintons and Reagans have retained their power, because of the connections and accumulated wealth and influence in their position of power. These families have perpetuated these established political parties.

Another nail in the Republican Party’s coffin is Paul Ryan retiring. Paul Ryan claims to be retiring to spend more time with his family, but it could also be a political maneuver to escape the wreckage of the Trump Administration.

Recently, President Trump has come into question, because of a high member of his administration calling him unfit to be President. While Elizabeth Warren is ordering them to invoke the 25th Amendment, an amendment which allows for the removal of the president should he be deemed unfit to govern. This goes to show that the Democrats are out for blood.

This rivalry between the Republicans and Democrats has fueled the polarization of the parties and has contributed to their decay. More specifically, the constant jabs and punches made by each party continue to weaken their stances.



James Cook // Sports Editor

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