Hundreds of people headed to Picnic Island Park on Nov. 17 to take part in the “Cross Out Cancer” 5K. The donations acquired by the organization will put the funds toward the cost of treatment for pediatric cancer patients at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

“Cross Out Cancer” was started in 2015 by Greta Dieck, a teacher at the Academy of the Holy Names. Dieck founded this fundraiser out of frustration that families not only had to deal with a child with cancer but also the hefty medical expenses. Unlike other similar fundraisers, the funds are not selectively used for treatment, but also can go towards necessities like car repairs, loans, groceries, and mortgages.

Since then “Cross Out Cancer” has expanded considerably. Across the Tampa Bay Area, numerous high schools like Jesuit, Robinson, Sickles, Steinbrenner and other high schools have joined the Academy of the Holy Names in the fight against pediatric cancer. Each school that is participating has representatives who rally the student body to donate to their cause. Our representatives are seniors, Alexandra Straumann, and Sarah Magee.

So far, Straumann and Magee have been extremely successful and have collected approximately 1,200 dollars, but hope to continue to increase this number before Nov. 17. They have asked for direct donations, but have also received help from the community. The Chipotle on Gunn Highway gave a percentage of their profits to the cause from orders of Steinbrenner students. This fundraiser was extremely helpful in enlarging the funds. Although the Lady Warriors have done well, it does not compare to the amount raised by the 5K at Picnic Island Park, which was about 80,000 dollars. The money raised has consistently increased since its beginning in 2015 and hopes to do so this year.

At the “Cross Out Cancer” 5K is not only designed for runners, but also for families, children, and patients. More specifically, there will also be things for those who are not athletically inclined. It will offer complimentary food, drinks, music, speakers, and face painting. To find out more information, register to run or donate click¬†here



Mia Higinbotham // Staff Writer

James Cook // Sports Editor

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