Junior Alexis Castillo has a lot to be proud of this season. As a member of the girl’s golf team, Castillo has broken many personal records in the last two years that she has played for Steinbrenner, as well as this current year. She has won many games for her team and continues to be a valuable asset to them. Prior to starting high school, Castillo had played golf for the majority of her life, starting in middle school.

“I decided to join golf [at Steinbrenner] because it’s a sport that I have been involved with for many years and my life has been revolving around golf for the past few years,” said Castillo.

Last year at their state competition, she broke her best record by scoring a 79, or seven over par. She is currently trying to push herself this season to get back to that record and hopefully break it at state again this year as well.

She also is involved in another program outside of school, called the First Tee, which is a youth development organization that helps children learn life lessons and build character while playing golf. Being involved in the community and giving back is an extremely important aspect to any athlete’s life, especially if they can play their favorite sport while doing so.

“I love the sport and the feeling of being on a team, especially here at Steinbrenner,” said Castillo.

Her love of golf has given her many opportunities to grow as both an athlete and as a friend to her fellow teammates. She says that the sport has brought amazing people into her life and formed great friendships.

Castillo’s interests don’t stop with sports, though. She is also a member of the yearbook staff here at Steinbrenner as well as a member of the theater department. She strives to be the best that she can personally be in all that she is a part of, while also helping her teammates and peers. She also boasts a heavy course load with multiple rigorous AP classes.

With her sights set on going to a good college, she hopes to attend either the University of Georgia or the University of Florida. However, she also dreams of attending any of the eight Ivy League schools up north.

As she remains optimistic and hopes to reach her goals this year, Castillo is also already looking forward to her fourth and final year on the golf team at Steinbrenner, and has plans to continue playing golf after high school.



Grace Barnett // Staff Writer

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