The multi-movie franchise “Halloween” has added a new installment to the iconic series. This recent entry both wonderfully pays tribute to the past-films, as well as portrays a unique, standalone movie. It consists of deviations from the slasher blueprint, but it thoughtfully incorporates adorations of its predecessors that are not overbearing. With several duds in the mix of its now 11 films, this addition is anything but and will amaze and scare audiences.

The story is set 40 years, to the day, after the original movie. The new “Halloween” pretends that the other sequels never happened, which is nothing to complain about. In the original slasher film, the serial killer Michael Myers went on a killing spree, murdering several teenagers and leaving a sole survivor: Laurie Strode.

The plot follows Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) as paranoia has overtaken her, it branching from her past experiences with Michael Myers four decades prior. After the years of lunacy that she’s gone through, the character has isolated herself immensely. She is now a divorcee and has a daughter named Karen (Judy Greer) who resents her for making her childhood into a large training session for Michael’s return. Laurie also has a teenage granddaughter named Allyson (Andi Matichak) who longs to be closer to her but is confused by her ways of living.

In this film, Michael goes for round two as he escapes from the mental institution that has held him for all this time.  Upon his stolen freedom he- shockingly- killed a bunch of people on Halloween. Despite the many casualties in his path, it’s Laurie that he is searching for.

Curtis gives a lively and gritty performance as she returns to the iconic role of Laurie Strode. She embodies her character very well as she exhibits the resilience that the character reflects. The audience is shown Laurie’s perspective for most of the film due to the dramatic irony that occurs in the plot. She handles this aspect of the main protagonist wonderfully as she shows that Laurie isn’t just a crazy old lady like the other characters believe, but she has good reason for her efforts to prepare for Michael’s inevitable return. The queen of horror has made a glorious return to the franchise and astonishes the audience once again.

Greer and Matichak give amazing performances as well. Although the roles themselves are not as notable as Curtis’ character, they have a large impact in Laurie’s story. They reflect the same fear that Laurie had in the original film, which goes a long way regarding the fact that they have never dealt with Michael before.

This newest addition to the series is more than just another horror movie to a franchise that has gone on for too long.  The film is very interesting, as it entrances viewers with the ongoing anticipation. Like any other movie, it was a little rough around the edges. There were some aspects that seemed unrealistic but are often exhibited in films of the horror/slasher category. Ultimately, the movie is thrilling and will make audience members jump out of their seats.




Elena Melikian // Staff Writer

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