It is common knowledge that many teachers feel that they are not being paid enough for the amount of work they put in every day at our schools. Despite putting in multiple hours after and before work each day for their students, these men and women often are not recognized for the hard work they do in the form of financial compensation. Because of this, many teachers around the world have decided to apply for second jobs to make extra cash, including many teachers here at Steinbrenner.

According to a 2018 survey, 30 percent of teachers are more likely to work a second job than non-teachers, and not just over the summer. This is a way that they make ends meet all year round. They often get jobs tutoring students outside of class or working retail jobs in places such as grocery or department stores.

Although this is one definite solution to an ongoing problem and is a great way to increase income amongst teachers, it could raise some potential problems. For example, if teachers are spending most of their free time after school and on the weekend working long hours at their second jobs, that means that they have less time to dedicate to grading schoolwork, creating assignments, and other responsibilities involved in their main job. Also, working two jobs can be draining on anyone, and takes valuable time away that they could be spending with their families. However, for many moms and dads of big families, working a second job is their only option.

“I got a second job to help supplement my income and pay off student loans,” said Amanda Colborne, social studies teacher at Steinbrenner and former Pottery Barn employee.

The average median salary for a Florida teacher is $48,134. As a state, Florida ranks 42 amongst the country regarding teacher salaries. If an educator has a large family, it is only natural for them to want to find work in an additional way, especially if they are the only source of income for the household. But even with the monetary benefits, the time taken away from other areas could be concerning.

There are many obvious pros to having a second job, but what people may not realize are the challenges that come with it as well. While choosing to spend most of their time working, many teachers are not getting their much needed relaxation. Our job as students is to make sure that they feel as supported as possible throughout the school day, and to remind them why they choose to keep teaching, even if it may not be the most wealthy of professions.



Grace Barnett // Staff Writer

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