Matthew Caudill, Steinbrenner’s beloved teacher and colorguard instructor passed away after a long health battle on Oct. 12. He was an incredibly dedicated teacher and a beloved mentor to many Steinbrenner students. He was a very passionate and strong-willed individual who had a lasting impact on the student body.

Matthew Caudill was known for being an extremely talented and hardworking individual who gained much recognition in his lifetime and inspired many other students to follow in his footsteps. He never gave up and taught his students to do the same.

He always told his students “even when you’re in pain… you keep going,” said senior Lorie Rodriguez. His philosophy was that “working hard is the only way to get what you want,” and he was an example of that his whole life.

Caudill’s students quickly learned that he was confident and always unapologetically himself, no matter who was around him. He aspired to teach his students to always be confident because there was never a reason to be ashamed.

“He always said fake it until you make it and always be confident in yourself and if you end up being wrong, own it”, said junior colorguard captain Maomi Martinez. She has known Caudill since her freshman year and has always thought of him as a mentor. In challenging times, “…he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

Above all, Matthew Caudill was an inspiration to his students, even if he would never admit it.” said sophomore colorguard member Christina Martin.

He had a striking personality and natural talent that radiated inspiration among the student body, a constant example of following your dreams and working passionately for what you love.

Sam Lowe, a junior colorguard member, said that he always talked about living the best and most true life possible.

“Mr. Caudill taught me to never expect less from myself. He taught me to always go forward and really know that I can do better, no matter how good I am I can always do better.” said Lowe.

He pushed his students to be their best selves inside and outside of the classroom and above all radiate the kindness and passion that you want to say in the world.

“Life’s too short to not be the best that you are. Life’s too short to not be sassy. Life’s too short to be rude to people. Life’s too short to not show kindness to everybody around you.”


Matthew Caudill gives his colorguard team an example of pushing yourself to reach your full potential. He was a living example of hardwork and dedication for the student body. Photo courtesy of Keith Thal.


Matthew Caudill spreads a message of confidence and self-love to his students. His most important teaching was one of tolerance and respect for others. Photo courtesy of Keith Thal.


Matthew Caudill poses with his students at the beach after a colorguard victory. He was incredibly dedicated with his students inside and outside of school. Photo courtesy of Keith Thal.



Grace Beilman // Staff Writer

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful article about Matt. As his mom, I was always very proud and supportive, but to see the kind things written by others, it makes me even more proud. He will be forever in our hearts. We love you always son.

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