A motel between Nevada and California, the El Royale, is where a showdown occurs between a random group of seven people. They all meet in the lobby of the El Royale and are all slightly suspicious of one another for all different reasons.

Although this movie was directed by Drew Goddard, who did the screenwriting for “The Martian” and “Daredevil,” the film itself has a Quentin Tarantino feel to it. The film goes through chapters of the seven different main characters just like in Tarantino movies such as Kill Bill volumes one and two. The characters also start dying off at random and unexpected points, which also occurs in multiple Tarantino films.

The seven main characters also start dying quite quickly in the film, just like in Tarantino movies as well. Throughout the film, there is never an obvious or certain main character, which in the end, is clear because only two of the seven main characters survive, even though they weren’t the most prominent of the seven.

There’s never really a main plot or central theme while this entire movie plays out. The audience only understood the point in the film almost two hours in, when the lover and somewhat of a ruler of this young girl comes to rescue her from her sister, who kidnapped her to protect her from the lover, who is played by Chris Hemsworth.

It is not the best movie to see in theaters. The film itself is slow but a good movie to watch at home. It wasn’t a bad movie with bad qualities, it just lacked built up action and suspense. It never got to a point where the audience was on the edge of their seat or even a little bit leaning forward. The only decent shock was a jump scare 30 minutes into the movie.

Throughout the film, there is a video recording of someone having an affair. It left a mystery of a sex tape that had been recorded at the El Royale, the audience never actually finds out who was on that tape, leaves everyone wondering. It gives the movie a little bit of a leftover thought after the film ended which was a good hook to the overall film.

The fact that the movie was two hours and 20 minutes long, gives the directors and screenwriters time to explain the storyline in depth, but also causes the movie to lack the excitement most people look for when they go to see a film in theaters. Slower films tend to be better watched at home as somewhat of a leisurely movie.

All in all, the film had a decent plot and a good story, but just lacked the excitement the audience wants and needs to find a film such as this one to be worth seeing in the theaters. With a couple jump scares and death scenes, it had action but most of it was centered around the end of the film, whereas most people like to see it present throughout the entirety of the whole movie.




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