Senior Alexandra Straumann has accomplished much in the past two years, since she started running for Steinbrenner. Straumann currently competes in five events: the 5K, the mile, the two mile, the half mile, and the four by eight relay.

This season, Straumann has emphasized decreasing her time for the 5K, which is 18:53 and for the mile, which is 5:07. In order to do this Straumann has been practicing day and night in order to achieve her goal for the season. Even if the team isn’t practicing, she is.

“If we don’t have practice, I’ll just run by myself because I need to get a run in. I also try to eat relatively well and sometimes swim for extra training,” said Straumann.

The reason behind Straumann’s desire to lower her times is for colleges. A few seconds could be the difference between making it onto the team or not qualifying for the team.

“If I want to run in college I need to get better, but I think that I’ll do pretty well because my training has gone really good this summer,” said Straumann.

So far, Straumann has talked to many college coaches including Georgia Tech and Yale. However, she doesn’t have any offers yet, because schools often wait until after a seniors season to offer scholarships. One reason behind her desire to compete in college is her love for running but also for the special bonds that are made between teammates.

Straumann prides herself on being a team player and trying to do her best for herself but also for her team. To put it simply she doesn’t want to disappoint her team, which she has failed to do in prior seasons.

Not only does Straumann run full-time but she also has a heavy academic load. Currently, she is enrolled in numerous AP classes including AP U.S Government, and dual-enrollment courses at Hillsborough Community College.  

Just in case, Straumann didn’t do enough already. She is also one of the representatives for a foundation, “Cross Out Cancer”, that is dedicated to alleviating the struggles of families, who have a child with pediatric cancer. As of now, she has raised approximately 1,200 dollars with help from senior Sarah Magee and the Steinbrenner student body.

Ultimately, Straumann is running a metaphorical marathon, because she is always doing something whether it is running, school work, or community service.



Taylor  Snow // Backpage Editor

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