With countless wins in her student golf career, Mckenzie Kane, a sophomore at Steinbrenner high school, is nothing short of a star athlete. Kane currently plays for Steinbrenner’s girl’s golf team. With the team’s record for this year being 5-1 so far, she is helping lead the girls through their wins this season, and are expected to finish with a record of 11-1.

“I made the Steinbrenner girl’s golf team my freshman year and absolutely loved the sense of teamwork and sisterhood that came with joining,” said Kane.

During her first season with the team, they finished with a record of 11-1. After their regular season came to an end, the team went on to compete at both district and regional championships. That year they also came in eighth place at their state competition.

“I picked up my first golf club when I was just four years old, and I have been playing golf competitively for about six years now… my entire family grew up with the game of golf,” said Kane.

With her family having a big involvement in the game, it came to her easily. Her passion for the sport has only progressed over the many years of her involvement.

“I just love the game… it’s one of those sports that requires twice as much strength mentally as it does physically. Not to mention there is a powerful rush I get after I after hit a perfect shot,” said Kane.

The complexity of the sport isn’t for everyone, but for Kane it’s what she enjoys most about the game. Golf is often met with the stereotype of being “boring,” but Kane explains that it is anything but that.

“Golf is one of those sports where practicing often, leads to success… I practice every day after school except for Fridays,” said Kane.

For Kane, practice really does make perfect. She believes that the amount of time she spends practicing has dictated her achievements. For her, training is very important and is also very rewarding.

“My goal is to play golf for a division one school, and possibly receive a scholarship. Whether or not I take my passion further outside of college will all depend on how my game develops,” said Kane.

With Kane only being in her sophomore year of high school, she still has plenty of time to see where her student golf career progresses, as well as where it may take her.


Elena Melikian // Staff Writer


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