The attacks upon the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, swept the nation and continues to affect the following generations. “Never Forget” became the national mantra for the event but it may be getting more difficult to do so. With the event being 17 years ago there is a multitude of people that hadn’t been born to remember, and aren’t able to understand.

“I can remember that I was working in a meeting in downtown Jacksonville. It was a life changing event, it really jars you, it affects you,” said history teacher Shaun Fowler.

For most that were around when the attack took place, they are able to remember where they were when it was occurring. The event was so impactful and vast that its easy for people to remember the details of it. For those born post 9/11, they tend not to have that same connection and don’t have the same perspective and knowledge of the event.

“I wasn’t alive during the Kennedy assassination, which was the previous generation’s ‘I remember where I was,’” said Fowler.

It seems that in every generation there is a substantial event with a large influence. Each circumstance is able to be remembered so vividly by those that were around to witness it because of its impact. 9/11 had that same effect on that generation.

“I try to keep the, memory alive for those that perished… but It’s difficult because it’s just what I experienced,” said Fowler.

Its tough for people born after 9/11 to have the same understanding on the event than those that witnessed it. The societal response following the attacks was very immense and those that weren’t born yet can’t fathom the repercussion.

“I don’t know that much about it, just what I hear from my parents and stuff,” said Chandini Palem, a sophomore at Steinbrenner High School.

A vast amount of people born subsequently to 9/11 have admitted to having some basic information on what the event entailed. But for some, there are still gaps to be filled.

“It had a pretty big affect since people are still talking about it,” said Palem.

For the generation following 9/11, they have the general understanding that it was a quite prominent event. Many of which learn about the event through people that were attesters to the affair. With learning about 9/11 through a different perspective, the event is looked upon in a different light by those born following the attack.



Elena Melikian // Staff Writer



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