As lightning flashed across the darkening sky, the Bahama Bucks on Gunn Highway was filled with the chatter and laughter of the members of Steinbrenner’s Future Farmers of America chapter. Two officers dodged the puddles from the recent rain while they played a lighthearted game of tetherball while another officer watched her friend try to catch a ring on a hook in front of the store.

Despite the thunderstorm that blew through on Sept. 13, ten Steinbrenner FFA officers as well as enough people to pack the store attended the Bahama Bucks fundraiser. According to the Steinnbrenner FFA advisor Jessica Switzer, this fundraiser had many more attendees than fundraisers in past years.

“The fundraisers that we do are just to benefit the chapter, everything we do is to help kids have better experiences and get to go to more conferences, get more things for shows so that everyone can get involved” said FFA President junior Jessica Velte.

FFA members attend shows, competitions, and leadership conferences which encourage the students to develop good leadership skills and work habits. Shows and competitions require students to care for their own animals or plants and organize their schedules around the competitions they compete in. Attending conferences and being involved in Florida government and environmental issues encourages students to participate in local government and practice valuable leadership skills which will prepare them for the future. The supplies, equipment, and resources required to attend conferences and compete in shows are funded in part by fundraisers like this one at Bahama Bucks.

“This fundraiser specifically is going to be used for the plant team that we have that will be showing at the Strawberry Festival, so we’re using this to help get better supplies and equipment,” said FFA officer junior Taylor Lowery.

This fundraiser did not have a specific goal in mind for how much money the Steinbrenner FFA chapter wanted to raise, instead trying to raise what they can for the upcoming Strawberry Festival.

Velte and Lowery expressed confidence in the number of students and FFA members that attended the fundraiser, smiling and enjoying their shaved ice and the company of their friends as the nighttime storm passed.



Maeve Campbell // Graphics Dept.

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