The Steinbrenner Warriors will tackle childhood cancer by taking part in a nationwide campaign, “Touchdowns Against Cancer.” September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with the aim of bringing awareness to the 16,000 children who will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone.

This program is co-sponsored by St. Jude Children’s Hospital, PLEDGE IT, and Max Preps. Max Preps is a website dedicated to reporting on the performance of high school athletes, and St.Jude Children’s Hospital is an institution that provides free cancer treatment, so that a family would never have to worry about their finances, only to help their child live. Over the past 50 years, St. Jude Children’s Hospital has continued their mission and has helped raise the survival rate of childhood cancer from 20 percent to nearly 80 percent. However to continue their work they need funding, so “Touchdown Against Cancer” started in 2016.

The way that “Touchdowns Against Cancer” works is that a high school creates a website so that fans can pledge a dollar amount for each touchdown scored. Each team must have a captain, an individual who serves as a liaison between the high school and the organization and sets up the website. our website is being run by Christian Carriere, the original quarterback of Steinbrenner.  Christian Carriere himself has been diagnosed with cancer and has dedicated himself to helping children beat cancer.”Touchdowns against Cancer” has three award brackets for high school teams, First Team All-American, Second Team All-American, and Third All-American. First Team All-American is when a team has raised over 5,000 dollars; Second Team All American is awarded when a team has donated over 2,500 dollars, and Third Team All-American is when a team has raised over 1,000 dollars.

Out of all of the high schools competing Steinbrenner is currently ranked at 25th. As of Sept. 19, Steinbrenner has raised 785 dollars and is on schedule to meet their goal of 1,000 dollars. Every week the Warriors will play a different opponent. On Sept. 7, Steinbrenner High School faced off against Jesuit High School scoring one touchdown. The following week the Warriors played against the Sarasota Riverview Rams; they managed to score another touchdown. With two games left in the month, the Warriors will hopefully continue to score touchdowns so that more money can be raised to help those battling cancer. With two weeks left, there is plenty of time to pledge to help children in their fight against cancer. Pledge here.



Mack Blackburn // Staff Writer

James Cook // Sports Editor 

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