Today, people are valuing health and fitness more, and are focusing on the food they put into their bodies. Ingredients in the food and their impacts on our own health have become more prevalent as companies add questionable chemicals and substances into their products. In response to this new trend of healthy lifestyles, companies are pushing for more “organic products.” One such company, Gatorade, has just recently released their new line of drink simply called: Organic Gatorade.

The drinks include three flavors passion fruit, strawberry, and mixed berry. The flavors seem very similar to other Gatorade flavors in their product line like Gatorade Fierce: fruit punch, and Gatorade Flow: strawberry kiwi. The ingredients that go into Organic Gatorade are simpler compared to other Gatorade products. The Organic line only has seven total ingredients compared to G2’s ten ingredients that include artificial chemicals like yellow 5 and red 40. The drink prides itself on its natural carbohydrates straight from sugar cane and an electrolyte blend with sea salt, but even with natural ingredients it’s not necessarily healthy. Even with the better ingredients, the drink still contains 29 grams of sugar and is still high in calories, 120 to be exact. The drink isn’t dangerous, and its USDA approved meaning its truly organic.

The organic mixed berry flavor, as its name suggests, tastes like a mixture of fresh handpicked blueberries and raspberries straight from a farmer’s market. However, the drink has a terrible aftertaste that would leave anyone looking for some way to wash it out. The bottle comes in a new design unique to Organic Gatorade with the company’s lightning bolt molded on the side and comes wrapped in a dark purple label. 4/10  

The next flavor, passion fruit, has more of a citrus taste compared to the mixed berry. But unfortunately, similar to the mixed berry, it has a horrendous aftertaste that completely ruins the entire drink. The flavor is more distinct and sweeter making it better than mixed berry. Unique to the drink is its bright yellow wrapping around the bottle. 5/10

The final flavor is classic strawberry that easily has the best flavor out of the three. The sweet strawberry is more refreshing and retains a natural taste. Unfortunately, the drink does suffer from a bad aftertaste but its way more bearable than the previous flavors. Lastly, the bottle’s label is a bright and vibrant red distinguishing it from the other flavors. 7/10 

All in all, the organic Gatorade is a bold move on the company’s part and has a great concept in regards to health, but lacks in good flavor in both mixed berry and passion fruit.


Matt Menendez // Staff Writer

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