Every year since the school opened, Steinbrenner has participated in an event called Grad Bash. The event is put on by Universal Studios, and for one night the park is rented out for only high school seniors. Students from all across the state attend the event, usually including some from Steinbrenner. However, this year’s senior class will not be attending Grad Bash for a few main reasons.

The biggest factor driving the cancellation of Grad Bash is the finances behind going, since less students attend the event every year. 

“Each year, there has been a trend of less and less students actually purchasing tickets to go to Grad Bash and what we oftentimes hear from them is  that they don’t go because of how much it costs. Seniors have so many expenses this time of the year between college applications, prom, graduation, cap and gowns, all those things, and so it just seems that less and less students are going each year. Last year, we actually ended up losing over $2,000 on Grad Bash because the last bus didn’t get filled,” said Principal Kelly King.

In order to decide whether or not Steinbrenner’s seniors would attend Grad Bash, the senior class officers’ Twitter account put up a poll asking the students if they would be interested in attending. The account has over 500 followers, and seeing as there are 560 seniors it is clear that a large majority of seniors are connected to the account. However, of the 200 that voted on it, only a little over 100 voted that they were actually interested in going since Universal increased the price of admission.

Many seniors decided that they weren’t interested in going to Grad Bash this year for a few reasons. Whether it be that their friends weren’t going, or it was too much money for one night at Universal Studios.

“I wasn’t too upset because I have a season pass to Universal, so I just didn’t see the reason to pay more money when I can go whenever,” said senior Caitlin Cimeno.

Once it was determined that Steinbrenner wouldn’t be attending Grad Bash this year, several members of the senior class asked if there was anything that they could do in replacement of Grad Bash.

In the absence of Grad Bash, a new event was planned in its place called Splash Bash. The event will be for Steinbrenner seniors only, and will be held at Adventure Island Water Park on the night of May 18th  from 7pm to 11am. It is supposed to draw a large number of Steinbrenner students, more so than Grad Bash as it is more affordable.

While there were surely some seniors disappointed by this, it seems that many seniors were okay with the alternative Splash Bash event.

“I plan on attending Splash Bash since I was really looking forward to hanging out with all of my friends like seniors did previously,” said senior Alexis Yhare.

Since this is the first time that Steinbrenner seniors will not be attending Grad Bash, and this is the first year that Splash Bash will be taking its place, it will be interesting to see what the response is, and which seniors prefer to attend. Either way though, the trip should be an exciting and memorable way for seniors to commemorate their years, and take a last big trip together. 



Sadie Testa-Secca // Co-News Editor

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