Steinbrenner High School’s student journalists (including yearbook, newspaper, and literary magazine) attended the Florida Scholastic Press Association convention on Apr. 12 through 14. FSPA holds district and state conventions throughout the school year for high school and middle school students. The convention held over 1,300 students, advisers, board members, and other staff. FSPA took place at the Wyndham hotel and convention center in Orlando.

At this convention, Steinbrenner journalists competed in competitions, took classes, attended a dance and banquet, and more.

Students took home a lot of awards at this convention. Steinbrenner as a whole took home a total of 11 awards between all three publications ranging from first place to honorable mention.

These competitions branched from all publications, such as broadcast (including film and editing), layout for newspaper and literary magazine, photo caption writing, and more.

These classes were designed for students to hone in on their skills and learn from other journalism teachers and even students from all over the state. These classes ranged from Photoshop to design lessons to learning AP Style grammar. Students also had personal feedback on their work from other trained professionals to further improve on nearly every aspect of journalism.

“I learned a lot of things, but my favorite thing I learned was from Bobby Hawthorne, and it’s to focus on moments when writing a story.” said Echo Editor-in-Chief Lexi Velte.

Bobby Hawthorne is a teacher who taught a class at FSPA.

The convention seemed to be a very positive experience for students.

“My favorite part of FSPA was spending time and getting closer with the Echo for a whole weekend.” said Velte.
Steinbrenner journalism and newspaper teacher Kristen Crosby is a district director for FSPA. Junior Grace Becker was a district representative for the convention. This means both Crosby and Becker helped plan and organize the convention.

FSPA was an educational and fun experience for Steinbrenner journalism students and staff to experience.



Doreen Coreen // Co-A&E Editor

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