On Apr. 25, the Steinbrenner girls softball team took the field in a home game against the Sickles Gryphons. Although they had won the night before, which guaranteed them a spot in the regional game on May 2, they ended up losing 7-1. This was a significant loss, however the girls still played well.

In the beginning of the game, sophomore Lexi Spencer hit a bunt to get senior Stephanie Balmer from third base to home plate for a run. This put the Warriors ahead of their opponents by one point after the top of the third inning.

However, the game only got progressively worse for the Warriors. Sickles came back strong in the bottom of the third, a perfectly placed hit out to left field resulting in a Sickles player on first and second base, and another hit out past third base caused the Gryphons to tie the game.

With bases loaded, the Gryphons were prepared to take the lead, and they did. However, Steinbrenner countered, by sending the ball all the way back to catcher Stephanie Balmer before the girl who was on second base made it home in an outstanding play by Steinbrenner. The inning ended 2-1 with Sickles in the lead.

In the next inning, another ball was hit out right in between the left fielder and third basemen by Sickles. This was only the beginning of a difficult inning. By the end of the inning, the Gryphons had scored twice despite Steinbrenner’s best attempts to halt their advance.

In the fifth inning, Sickles hit a strong ball out to center field, adding to the list of amazingly placed hits by Sickles. The Warriors made an excellent play, though, that stopped the players on first, second, and third  base. However, they later ran in to home after a hit out to third base. The game ended 7-1, with a Warrior defeat. The Warriors played a strong game, but Sickles played stronger.



Nick Sowell // Co-Sports Editor


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