Once a year, each grade level heads to homeroom to elect or re-elect the members of Steinbrenner’s student government. The votes decide who becomes a part of Angela Haskell’s fourth period Senate class. However, between administration and student government, students are left wondering what the responsibilities of being in Senate entails. For most of the year, the class is very quiet and doesn’t appear to be a huge voice in school.

“We run everything dealing with homecoming, and just that takes about two and a half months, from ticket sales, to selling shirts, to actually planning the event itself. People think it’s a one week thing where you’re selling tickets, but it’s more like planning a party for 1,500 kids,” said Haskell.

Homecoming is what takes up the majority of Senate’s time in the beginning of the year as they prepare for the much-anticipated event. Smooth event planning is one of the most important parts of being involved in Senate, especially as the year goes on and there are more opportunities for student led events.
“I think homecoming is one of the most important things that Senate does. We also did Warriorfest this year, which was really cool. With events like homecoming and Warriorfest that are student run, we have a lot of control and are able to fine tune the details. With things such as school rules, there isn’t anything that we can influence or change. Mostly, we’re in charge of organizing events that are for students. The senior representatives work with Mrs. Jones for Grad Bash or Splash Bash,” said senior Senator Jim Orchard.

The Steinbrenner senate is probably most well known for the countless banners and posters they have made over the years. The posters range from advertisments for clubs to encouraging sports to raising awareness for drives. Students might not see any new ones around for a while, as their paint was loaned out to the Steinbrenner Echo. However, the Senate doesn’t work only for students.

“We also do teacher appreciation and acknowledge the teachers all throughout the year. For holidays like Valentine’s day, we’ll leave little things in their boxes. If they need help with anything, Senate can help with that,” said Haskell.

Senate doesn’t stop with the teachers. There are days or weeks marked on their calendars not only for teacher appreciation, but for guidance and administration appreciation. The class makes sure they reach all corners of the school and there are numerous other events that the Senate helps out with inside and outside of school. They volunteer throughout the summer at the Steinbrenner open house and help show people around, acting as ambassadors, and also work the freshman transition camp during the late summer. During this year, Senate organized the clap out for the athletes going to the Special Olympics. Perhaps the most impressive involvement in the community was senate participating in the cleanup to restore McKitrick back to a school after it was re-purposed as a shelter during Hurricane Irma.

“Last year we planned Kick It For Leist and raised about 20,000 dollars. That involved all of us getting the clubs together and assigning them and teachers various responsibilities. We do all the pep rallies, and we’re pretty much the outlet from students to administration. We’re the messengers of administrative decisions and promote school events,” said Senior Treasurer Jacqueline Hahn.

Senate was particularly busy this year with spreading the word of the first school Kindness Day, which promoted kind actions and friendship among the students, marked by a yellow out. As the year comes to a close, the senior representatives of Senate are working hard to get the final senior events planned and ready so the seniors can have a smooth and enjoyable farewell.


Sara Gofter // Staff Writer

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