On Mar. 29, the Steinbrenner girls softball team faced off against the Sickles Gryphons in their second encounter of the season. The girls, with a record of 11-3 going into the game, hoped to continue their success with another win. Though they ended up losing 1-0, the Warriors played a strong game that was very evenly matched.

The first two innings of the game resulted in no runs for either team. It wasn’t until the third inning that the first and only run of the game was scored. The Sickles team hit a ball to center field, which resulted in a missed catch by Alexis Buchman, and a run to home base for one of the Sickles runners. However, they only managed to score one point, with the top of the third inning after a caught ball hit into right field.

The bottom of the third inning looked promising for Steinbrenner, with the bases loaded after only two outs. However, a strikeout led to a change of innings.

In the top of the fourth inning, Sickles hit a bunt with a perfect spin, staying right before the base line while not traveling far from the plate, leading to a Sickles player on first base, which soon was followed by another bunt and a person on first and second. Another hit out to right field made things look bad for Steinbrenner, resulting in loaded bases. However, they managed to pull through after pitcher Mikayla Johnson struck out the Sickles team to end the inning.

Another promising chance to score arose for Steinbrenner when second basemen Jen Bryant hit a perfect ground ball past the pitcher and Sickles second basemen, and was able to get to first base. Another good hit in between first base and right field by left fielder Savannah Lyall lead to Bryant getting on third base and Lyall on second. They were unable to succeed, however, after a third out ended the fifth inning.

The seventh inning proved to be Steinbrenner’s final chance to score a run, with the score still 1-0. The team played amazing defense, with an insane second out catch by short stop Meg Pierro, who dived and caught a live ball across her stomach in order to prevent what could have been a devastating blow to the Steinbrenner team, gaining Sickles a good base position.  A final third out catch by Bryant ended the top of the seventh inning.

The Warriors came out onto the field for the last time in an attempt to score and take the lead of the game. However, they were unable to do so, and the game ended with Bryant striking out.

Though the game resulted in a loss for the Warriors, they played a strong game against a team that was very evenly matched.



Nicholas Sowell // Co-Sports Editor


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