The Young Republicans and Young Democrats clubs had their first debate on Feb. 22. The debate covered three main topics: immigration, climate change, and gun control.

For each topic, students from each side presented an opening statement, rebuttals, questions for the opposing side, as well as a closing statement. Although the topics were somewhat controversial, they were generally handled well.

“I think overall, everyone respected each other and I think that was a plus. They weren’t at each other’s throats even though the topics were pretty heavy,” said Young Democrat, junior Yeva Thielemann.

Seeing as it was the first debate, a few issues were expected. Some participants felt that things like organization or time constraints should be improved on for the next debate.

“We weren’t able to necessarily respond as well. The other side would make a statement and I wouldn’t be able to respond, since I was often cut off whether be due to time or be due to answering a certain question,” said Young Republican, sophomore Michael Magee.

Although there were things to be improved on for the next debate, the students were respectful to one another, making sure no uproars or fights broke out.

Talk of another debate is undergoing discussion in order to improve general concerns from the first debate. Either new or the initial topics will be discussed but with more timely information that has surfaced over time.



Julia Peralta // Graphics Dept.

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